Full social media integration

Wallrus displays pictures from Instagram and Twitter directly on the screen in real-time, as they are approved by your moderator.

Multiple layouts are available to suit your needs. If you require something specific, contact us and we might just make it for you.


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A vast library of themes

Not everyone of us is a designer, but we all deserve the best for our events. We hand crafted beautiful themes to help you always get the most out of what you do. Simply choose a theme, upload your logo, tweak your colors and you are ready to go.

Robust Moderation

We understand that you are busy during your event. This is why we built an easy to use, efficient interface.

You can preview, approve, or remove Instagram and Twitter pictures seamlessly from a computer, phone, or tablet.



Full Visual Customization

With Wallrus, you will always be on brand.

Use one of our available templates or create one from scratch with our user friendly tools.

You will have a terrific looking wall up and running in less than 10 minutes. Feel free to try it out now.

We also offer off-site graphic design if you need something that looks really good, done really fast.

Video Integration

From a simple branding loop, to a promotional video, or your latest tv spots, you can easily upload your media to our cloud servers and place it in rotation on our wall. You can have as many videos as you want during your event. Sponsors will love you.

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Simple pricing

Wallrus pricing is simple for businesses of all sizes. With one clear rate for every event that you do.


Custom Solutions

Is your event using a Vertical LED Screen? Or something absolutely out of the ordinary? Contact us and we can work with you to deploy something that will dazzle your audience.


Community management

Community management is extremely important during events. Should you require it, we can manage and engage with your community remotely for the full duration of your event. This service is available in every timezone and in many languages.

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Our Friendly Wallrus team will be thrilled to have a chat with you and answer any questions you might have !